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The cultivation of Earth’s natural bounty through human creativity.


A bountiful future through the integration of agriculture and technology.


We work to create safe and easy-to-access food infrastructure for everyone.
We strive to create a sustainable society where future generations can attain peace of mind.

Food Infrastructure

Food is essential to human life.
At Spread, we ensure stable food supply through automated production,
efficient operations supported by IoT technology, and wide distribution network.

This requires not only economic viability, but also an ability to work in harmony with local cultures and customs,
and adjustment of production and distribution practices accordingly.

By interacting with diverse populations, we provide the essential value of safe, fresh and easily accessible food through our food infrastructure.

Shinji Inada

Expanding possibilities by supporting world's food security

Shinji Inada, CEO

The Earth we inhabit faces many challenges, such as population growth, extreme weather causing water shortage and crop damage, all of which threaten food security of our population. From an environmental perspective, the impact on our health and nature from the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, is also an issue we must consider. Thus, when we look in the future, it is difficult to imagine that conventional agriculture will be still capable of steadily providing food supply.
Food is the very foundation of our life, and the threats that our food supply faces at present are pretty much existential.

To address this, our team established Spread Co., Ltd. in 2006, with the vision of “creating a sustainable society where future generations can attain peace of mind”. We believe that our mission is to build upon the wisdom of past agricultural methods, while creating new and innovative technologies, applicable for generations to come.

The first step in achieving our goals was the establishment of Kameoka Plant in 2007, in Kameoka City, Kyoto, which was one of the largest vertical farms in the world at the time*. Following six years of repeated trial and error, we established our unique cultivation and production control technology. In 2013 the plant reached profitability, a feat said to be difficult for large scale indoor vertical farms using artificial lighting.

As our next step in anticipation of the coming global expansion of vertical farming, our team developed the next generation food production system Techno Farm. Techno Farm Keihanna, which began operations in 2018, was built as our flagship farm of Techno Farm within the Keihanna Science City in Kyoto. In 2021, our first partner farm, Techno Farm Narita began operations in Sanbu-gun, Chiba, by J Leaf Corporation, ENEOS Group. Nowadays, our lettuce is available to consumers at supermarkets nationwide under vertically farmed vegetable brand, Vegetus.

Our domestic daily production volume is projected to exceed 18 tons by 2024, and our expansion as well as contributions to society continue to accelerate.

As our business continues to expand, we simultaneously pledge commitment to mutually beneficial coexistence with conventional agriculture and local communities, reduction of produce waste and water usage, and improved productivity.

Our goal is a world where both producers and consumers are free from food anxiety. It is built upon food infrastructure indispensable to people, so that they can enjoy its bounty without distractions.

*By production volume, of 21,000 heads of lettuce per day

Company Information

Company Name
Spread Co., Ltd.
KRP #6, 93 Chudojiawata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 600-8815
January 5th, 2006
Fiscal Year End
Chief Executive Officer
Shinji Inada
Business Activities
Development, operation and management of vertical farms and sales of vertically farmed produce


  • Corporate Headquarters

    KRP #6, 93 Chudojiawata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 600-8815

    ■ By Public Transportation

    ・JR Tambaguchi Station, 10 minute walk to the west

  • Tokyo Office

    FPG links KYOBASHI6F R615 2-7-8 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0031

    ■ By Public Transportation

    ・Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Kyobashi Station, Exit No. 6, 2 minute walk

    ・JR Tokyo Station, Yaesu South Exit, 8 minute walk

  • Techno Farm Keihanna

    9-5-5 Kizugawadai, Kizugawa, Kyoto, Japan 619-0225

    ■By Car

    ・Exit Keinawa Expressway at Seika Gakken IC, 5 minute drive

    ■By Public Transportation

    ・Kintetsu Line Hosono Station, or JR Hosono Station
    Bus: Nara Kotsu Bus Lines 36, 46, 47 or 56
    10 minute bus ride to Koen Higashi Dori
    By Taxi: Approx. 10 minutes

    ・Kintetsu Keihanna Line, Gakken Nara Tomigaoka Station
    Bus: Nara Kotsu Bus, Line 56
    20 minute bus ride to Keihanna Kinen Koen, 10 minute walk
    By Taxi: Approx. 10 minutes


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