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Franchise model

Franchise Model

Under this model, partner company performs construction and operation of the Techno Farm, and earns income through sales of the produce. There's an option of Spread purchasing the product from the partner to sell it under Vegetus brand. Spread offers extensive support, from farm design to cultivation and operation, by providing our rich expertise and know-how.

Case Example

  • J Leaf Corporation
    Techno Farm Narita (Sanbu-gun, Chiba)Started operations 2021

    J Leaf Corporation* of ENEOS Group is responsible for farm construction and operation, while Spread provides operations expertise, as well as sales.

    *Joint company of ENEOS Techno Materials Corporation and Nissin Shoji Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture Model

Joint Venture Model

A joint company mutually funded by Spread and its partners constructs and manages operation of a Techno Farm, starting from scouting suitable farm site locations. Spread provides know-how on cultivation, operation, and distribution, and business synergy with the partner company could be created.

Case Example

  • TSUNAGU Community Farm, LLC
    Techno Farm Fukuroi (Fukuroi, Shizuoka)Scheduled to start operations in 2024

    This vertical farm will be constructed and operated by TSUNAGU Community Farm, a limited liability company established collaboratively by Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., ES-CON JAPAN Co., Ltd., and Spread. The goal of the team is stable production, by combining the energy management expertise and real estate development capabilities of the two partner companies with Spread’s agricultural know-how.

Asset Liquidation Model

Under this model, Spread would operate a Techno Farm, securitized by an arranger company. Spread will be responsible for cultivation and distribution of the products. The arranger company can expect a stable profit from the business without any burden such as securing human resources because the farm will be operated by Spread. Also, the arranger company can appeal the project to investors as an ESG investment.
We will further develop this new model together with the arranger company.

Under Development.
Please inquire for details.

Joint Development Partnership

  • Facility and Technology Development

    Equipment and Technology Development

    The incorporation of our partner’s expertise and Spread’s know-how in the field of vertical farming will lead to the development of new technologies.

    • Robotics/Automation equipment for maximized productivity
    • Green technologies/Technologies for achieving carbon neutrality
    • Further evolution of IoT/AI
  • Cultivation and Plant Science

    Cultivation and Plant Science

    Techno Farm allows for the various ways of cultivation due to its ability to perfectly control the environment inside the farm

    • Seeds specifically for vertical farms
    • Development of biodegradable materials
    • Research in the field of food processing


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