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Since its founding in 2006, Spread has been widely engaged and achieved much success in the development of stable production technologies at large-scale vertical farms, as well as the distribution and popularization of vegetables produced with these technologies.

  • Daily Production Volume


    Following 2024
  • Supplying to


    As of April 2023
  • Cumulative Sales

    over100million servings

    Actual numbers of lettuce, produced and sold by Spread

Our Strength

Spread has built an organization where an integrated development team, made of three different development departments (core competence), and an unified management system that spans from production to sales (capability), reinforce each other in order to respond to an ever-changing business environment, and keep creating new values. These two elements constitute the source of our competitive advantage.

Our Strength
Our Strength

Core Competence-Integrated Development Team

  • Research and Development

    Research and Development

    Development of new crops, cultivation techniques and materials, as well as the pursuit of higher quality business and products.

  • Technological Development

    Technology Development

    Development of technologies that support stable production, such as automation, environmental control, lighting, and other equipment.

  • Product Development

    Product Development

    Development of aspects that add more value to our lineup, such as new products, quality control, and food processing technology.

Integrated Development Team

Spread’s development system consists of three teams, each responsible respectively for research and development, technology development, and product development. The teams share their development themes, and may collaborate and integrate depending on the circumstances, allowing for a seamless and flexible system. By receiving feedback data from production, distribution and sales departments, each development team member is able to broaden their perspective, leading to the creation of high-value know-how and intellectual property.

Capability-Unified Management System


Unified Management System

Business operations at Spread, in the value chain spanning from production to sales, are all unified. As freshness and speed are so vital to the produce, cultivation, distribution, and sales teams share information promptly to allow for immediate adaptations and responses. Optimization of each individual process and their unified management allow us to maximize the value proposition for our customers.



We value giving back to our community
as our business continues to grow.



We are able to provide a stable supply of high-quality vegetables utilizing our production system, which is not affected by unfavorable external factors such as extreme weather. In addition, our automated cultivation has made possible improved productivity and standardization of the cultivation processes. Our automated cultivation platform allows for anyone, anywhere to produce delicious vegetables at the same standard. Our unique Techno Farm expertise continues to evolve, to bring Earth’s bounty of fresh vegetables to the dining tables all over the world.

  • Total

    80%Automation Rate

    Japanese Pat. No.6923524 etc

    Achieved at Techno Farm Fukuroi
  • Water Recycling

    80%Recycle Rate

    Japanese Pat. No.5761821

    Achieved at Techno Farm Keihanna
  • Environmental Control at Large Scale

    97%Throughput yield

    Japanese Pat. No.6741302 etc

    Achieved at Techno Farm Keihanna
  • Utilization of IoT/AI

    Fully Unmanned Cultivation Management

    Estimated figure in case of implementation
  • Labor Cost


    Rate at Techno Farm Keihanna compared with conventional vertical farms

Specifications of Spread’s Vertical Farms

  • Techno Farm Keihanna
    Spread-owned Farm

    Techno Farm Keihanna

    9-5-5 Kizugawadai, Kizugawa, Kyoto, Japan

    Cultivation Method Indoor Vertical Farm Using Artificial Lighting
    Site Area 11,550㎡
    Products Leafy greens (Lettuce)
    Production Capacity 3 tons / day
    1,095 tons / year
    Production Start November 2018
    Number of Cultivation Rack Tiers 14 Tiers
  • Techno Farm Narita
    Partner Farm

    Techno Farm Narita

    2700-72 Koike, Shibayama-machi, Sanbu-gun, Chiba, Japan 289-1624
    (On site of ENEOS Techno Material Narita Factory)

    Cultivation Method Indoor Vertical Farm Using Artificial Lighting
    Site Area Approx. 8,000㎡
    Products Leafy greens (Lettuce)
    Production Capacity 4 tons / day
    1,460 tons / year
    Production Start June 2021
    Number of Cultivation Rack Tiers 28 Tiers
  • Techno Farm Fukuroi
    JV Farm

    Techno Farm Fukuroi

    Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka, Japan (Off Fukuroi IC)

    Cultivation Method Indoor Vertical Farm Using Artificial Lighting
    Site Area Approx. 24,400㎡
    Products Leafy greens (Lettuce)
    Production Capacity 10 tons / day
    3,650 tons / year
    Production Start January 2024
    Number of Cultivation Rack Tiers -


We welcome partners who share the same vision as Spread, ranging from business partners to collaborate on Techno Farm, to joint development partners in various fields such as automation technology, IoT/AI, seeds designed for vertical farm cultivation, and biodegradable materials.


We value giving back to our community as our business continues to grow.

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